Sound Masking


Sound Masking Systems: Keep Your Communication Discreet & Property Quiet

As the nature of business, offices and workspace evolves and changes, sound masking has become an increasingly valuable tool. Sound masking provides several key benefits, such as reducing noise and unwanted distractions, increasing productivity, protecting privacy & confidentiality and improving acoustics. If you have an office with an open work area, for example, you may have experienced (or received complaints about) excessive noise, inability to focus, etc. Sound masking can mitigate this. Even more importantly, if you have conversations that need to be held in confidentiality, sound masking can prevent unwanted ears from listening in.

  • Reduce noise levels
  • Protect privacy & confidentiality
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Provide better acoustics
  • Customizable & scalable systems
  • Create a refined workspace
  • Boost employee productivity & morale
  • Ideal for shared workspaces, co-working, etc.

You may be wondering how sound masking works, and/or whether it’s the same thing as white noise. Sound masking generates a specially tuned, ambient background sound that is different from white noise in that it targets the sound frequency of human speech to make it less intelligible. In a “more is less” twist, sound masking adds noise to reduce noise, specifically making the unwanted noise less noticeable.

  • Prevent confidential discussions from being heard beyond a radius of distraction, thus maintaining privacy
  • Lower the amount of noticeable noise in an office or other setting (clinic, hospital, etc.) for better concentration & productivity
  • Increase employee morale by creating a workspace that is less distracting and more private, despite the number of staff present
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