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Security Wiring & Installation for Dependable Systems You Can Count on

At the heart of a complex, comprehensive security system is the wiring that keeps it all running. The need for security never rests. That’s why any security system worth installing must be backed up by professional installation using only the highest quality, most dependable cable and wiring components. At Ainger Cabling + Security, our core area of expertise is structured cable – the essential infrastructure of secure business functions, home security systems, access control systems and many other secure systems.

  • Highest quality structured cable system
  • Experienced assessment of cabling needs
  • Professional installation of cabling & components
  • System is thoroughly tested before completion
  • Seamless integration with other systems/components
  • Cabling scalable as your business grows
  • Cable installation for wide range of industries
  • Enhancing physical security for home & business

A network or system is only as secure as its weakest component. No matter how much you’ve invested in leading edge technology, an entire network can be taken down by inferior wiring or cabling. That’s why investing in top-quality structured cable installed by the trusted security professionals is the right choice. At Ainger Cabling + Security, as you’ve probably guessed, “Cabling” is literally our middle name. We know the value of installing a backbone for networks and systems that’s built to withstand your security needs for years to come.

  • Cabling and hardware that provides a total telecommunications and security solution
  • Authorized distributor and installer of high-end structured cable, backed by manufacturer warranty and our own guarantee of labour with professional support
  • Customized cabling solutions from a few network points in a small office to a complex, layered cabling system for an entire building or campus

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