IP Cameras for On-Premise Security

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Upgrade Your Security Architecture with IP Cameras

Analog CCTV cameras required dedicated cabling (football fields’ worth of it, in some cases) and offer resolutions under 1 megapixel, whereas IP cameras operate over ethernet cabling and offer resolutions up to 5 megapixels (or higher). The biggest benefits of this technological advance is the decentralization of control architecture and system scalability available with the related secure networking protocols. Adding IP cameras to the security system for your premise or remote facility will cost a fraction of what a CCTV installation would, and also offers higher video quality and audio definition.

Why Choose IP Cameras from Ainger?

  • Three decades of security system installation expertise and the resources to timely complete projects anywhere in North America;
  • Access to the latest hardware from world-class technology companies like BoschInaxsysVideofied, and March Networks;
  • Easily deploy centralized NVR or decentralized cameras to your existing security system;
  • Get friendly, conscientious service and project completion on-time and on-budget.

Benefits of Deploying IP Cameras

  • Excellent image quality: HDTV-quality resolution offers crystal-clear recording;
  • Two-Way Audio: Communicate with who you see in your image with optional built-in intercom system;
  • Secure information transmission: Data encryption technology allows information to be shared throughout your network.
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A Use Case for IP Cameras

Imagine that your organization is moving into a new, larger facility with your current one slated to be decommissioned and sold. This new facility is fifteen or twenty years old, and appeared to suit your needs just fine when the paperwork was signed. Now that it’s time to plan your relocation, you discover that the existing CCTV camera system in a critical area doesn’t serve high-resolution video—an important part of your security and access control strategy. In fact, the video resolution is so grainy that it’s impossible to make out faces or distinguishing features. The solution? Install IP cameras, which can be cabled within your Ethernet trunk and powered via PoE, eliminating the need for separate electrical wiring. The cost? A fraction of what the original CCTV installation would have cost. Call Ainger Cabling + Security today at +1 866.894.3339 or email us and ask about the advantages of using IP cameras for your establishment’s security and access control needs.
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