Image of the outdoor security systems in use at NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain.

Security for Facility Exteriors and Remote Locations

They say that the best defense is a good offense—and you can go on the offensive by understanding the security risks presented by the unique exterior environments around your facility and remote locations. The security challenges provided by exterior environments aren’t insurmountable, they just require a dedicated approach to planning and deploying the appropriate outdoor security systems.

As a complement to the existing physical security measures around your facility, we offer:

Cameras for Outdoor Security Systems

Whether you need flexible and scalable IP cameras or ultra-secure dedicated CCTV for building exteriors, we have a solution that’s just right for your organization. There are numerous cost and scalability benefits to deploying IP cameras throughout your perimeter to supplement exterior cameras on the facility itself. Mounting standalone IP cameras can also be a cost-effective approach for outdoor security systems in remote locations, like storage facilities or equipment depots.

Image of a pair of wireless cameras installed on the top of a building.

The Videofied Solution

Videofied is one of our premier partners, offering an exceptional assortment of innovative wireless products that include remote monitoring for alarm verification. One of the most innovative products in the Videofied lineup is the Outdoor MotionViewer system.

The Outdoor MotionViewer is a battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated video camera. The unit is designed to detect intrusion and record a short video clip which is transmitted to a local relay and sent to a central monitoring station in realtime for verification of the alarm before the appropriate law enforcement agency is notified of a crime in progress.

Best of all: the Outdoor MotionView does not require electricity to operate, and can thus be installed ‘off grid’ in remote locations.

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