Teleportivity Video Concierge Systems

Ainger + Teleportivity Video Concierge Systems

Leading Edge Video Concierge:
Make Your Staff Go Virtual

Teleportivity is a revolutionary business continuity solution. This video concierge service empowers you to deploy your staff where you need them – virtually. It also lets you provide a seamless customer experience and allows for better control of high traffic locations. Think of Teleportivity as a “virtual video helpdesk,” serving your customers and clientele anywhere in the world they happen to be – by staff who are employed at your premises or in remote locations themselves. Teleportivity is currently being used across a variety of industries – from medical and education to government, corporate retail and more – in scenarios such as front desk virtual concierge, support desk virtual staff, classroom and meeting facilitation, information kiosks, equipment racks and many other applications. For person-to-person support, remote customer assistance or unmanned, self-guided support (e.g. ‘information’ or ‘help’), Teleportivity is unparalleled in its technology and product offering. Talk to us today about how a Teleportivity system can help your business do more with less.


Deliver The Best Customer Support & Service From Anywhere

  • No App Required
  • QR/NFC/Web Links
  • Web Browser Compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Deploy Anywhere

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