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Since 1996, we’ve been building a carefully-selected portfolio of strategic partnerships in the construction, security, and information technology industries. These strong, longstanding relationships help us deliver exceptional value for your business. Click each partner below to learn how our relationship with them can benefit you.

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch is a leader in the design and production of advanced security and communications equipment. As a Bosch certified installer, Ainger Cabling + Security is proud to offer the full range of Bosch solutions to its customers.

For more on available equipment, please visit the Bosch catalog. You can also learn more about our working relationship with Bosch Security Systems here.


DSC designs and manufactures premium access control hardware, both wired and wireless, as well as sensors and communications systems. Our partnership with DSC allows us to source these exceptional products for your project–both at home or abroad. DSC owns the Tyco and Kantech lineup of security products.

Learn more about DSC products here. You can also learn more about our relationship with DSC Security Systems here.


Hubbell is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting and communications solution in North America, with a division focused exclusively on cabling and cable management for commercial and industrial buildings. Ainger Cabling + Security works closely with Hubbell Premise to source the right cabling solutions for your project, ensuring utility and performance for decades to come.

Learn more the Hubbell Premise lineup of cabling products on their website. You can also learn more about how we work with Hubbell structured cable products here.


Inaxsys specializes in IP Cameras and supporting hardware, like servers and POE switches. The Inaxsys video management solution, INTVision, is praised in the security industry for its robust performance and cost-effective scalability. Ainger Cabling + Security works closely with Inaxsys to deploy advanced IP Camera solutions in North America and beyond, including the Inaxsys access controlsolutions.

Learn more about Inaxsys IP Camera solutions on their website. Learn more about how we use Inaxsys security products here.


A division of Tyco Security Products, Kantech offers a full suite of on-premise access control security solutions. From proximity-based mobile applications to biometric recognition devices and advanced keypads, Kantech makes advanced security simple for the user. Ainger Cabling + Security is pleased to offer installation on the full range of Kantech’s on-premise access control equipment.

Learn more about Kantech’s access control products on their website. Learn more about how we work with Kantech access control products here.


For over thirty years, Lanvac has been offering central alarm monitoring to small business and enterprises across North America. The Lanvac solution offers peace of mind, as their expert staff is trained to act as a critical point of contact between your facility and first responders in the event of an emergency.

Learn more about Lanvac here.

March Networks

Based in Kanata, Canada, March Networks offers cutting-edge security cameras and integrated video management solutions that include deep analytics. Ainger Cabling + Security is proud to provide installation services for organizations that want to take advantage of the robust March Networks security solution.

Learn more about March Networks here. You can also learn more about how we work with March Networks video recorders here.


Ortronics specializes in producing the backbone of on-premise information systems: racking, cabling, and wire management. As an Ortronics certified installer, Ainger Cabling + Security has in-depth knowledge of the full suite of Ortronics solutions and will work with your team to select the right products for your project.

Learn more about Ortronics’ solutions on their website. Learn more about how we work with Ortronics network cable products here.

Panasonic Canada

Our partnership with Panasonic Canada enables preferred access to some of the most cutting-edge security technology available on the market today.

Available from Ainger Cabling + Security:
Network Security Cameras, Analog Security Cameras, Recorders, Encoders/Decoders, Management / Control Systems, Surveillance Monitors, Security System Accessories

See more at Panasonic Canada. Learn more about how we work with Panasonic IP cameras and other products here.


As a Panduit Certified Installer, Ainger Cabling + Security carries of wealth of knowledge about Panduit’s lineup of industrial, enterprise, and data center network hardware products. If your project needs a Panduit Certified Installer to deploy any of their unique solutions, look no further. We offer installation services across North America.

Learn more about Panduit solutions on their website. Learn more about how we use Panduit structured cabling products here.


Paxton offers next-generation door entry and access control systems for enterprise and industrial premises. Paxton solutions are easily scalable from a few doors and ten users up to hundreds of doors and 10,000 users. Ainger Cabling + Security is pleased to offer installation of the full suite of Paxton’s access control and management equipment.

Learn more about Paxton’s access control hardware here. Learn more about how we work with Paxton access control products here.

PTI Security Systems

PTI Security Systems designs and manufactures access control systems and door alarms for demanding environments. PTI solutions are very cost effective, and scale well from a handful up to a few thousand access control points. Ainger Cabling + Security is pleased to offer installation of the full suite of PTI Security Systems access control and security hardware.

Learn more about PTI Security Systems here. Learn more about how we work with PTI Security Systems access control products here.


Part of the Honeywell Fire and Security group of companies, Videofied provides advanced intrusion detection systems and security alarm hardware. Videofied’s wireless and wired solutions include alarm monitoring and video verification for on-premise or remote installations.

To learn more about Videofied products, visit their website here. You can also learn more about how we use Videofied intrusion alarm products for our clients here.

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