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Ainger Cabling + Security has been providing structured cabling, network installation, and commercial security systems across North America since 1996. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and helping our clients deploy systems that provide exceptional value, scalability, and meet their needs right from the start.

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An image of an Ainger Cabling and Securty technician testing a structured cable installation.

Network and Cabling Installations

The needs of businesses in the Greater Golden Horseshoe are unique, just like the features of the land and the people living on it. Flexibility and modularity is important, as is leveraging the latest technology to keep connected with remote staff and installations. Networks have evolved to better serve your needs, and our team is perfectly positioned to be a trusted networking and structured cable advisor for your project.

Whatever your needs, we have the experience and expertise to best serve your business and get your project completed on time and on budget. Learn more about our structured cable and network system installations.

An image of a network switch installed by Ainger Cabling and Security.

Structured Cable Solutions

Large or small, our structured cable specialists can design and install network cabling that's perfect for the needs of your business. We design our structured cable solutions to be easily scalable as your needs grow, and easy to repair—after all, scheduled maintenance of a cabling system is critical to its longevity and operational performance.

Services include:

  • Structured voice and data cable installation
  • Audits of current cable organization
  • Management of moves, changes, and additions to business cabling systems
  • Installation and supply of cable hardware and active/passive components

Our team works with you to plan, design and implement an affordable cabling system that meets your needs today and can grow to meet your needs tomorrow. Learn more about our structured cable solutions here.

Image of a network hardware component installed by Ainger Cabling and Security.

Network Systems

We recognize the capital investment your business has in its network hardware and switching systems.

Networks are the epicentre of the modern business. They enable teams to work together and mobile staff to collaborate with co-located staff effectively, which is a fundamental part of any successful operation. When your network systems aren't performing at peak efficiency, your business is losing productivity and revenue.

The best way to protect against downtime and catastrophic failure is a layered approach—backups and redundancies, but also selecting the right hardware for your needs. Maintaining and repairing network systems using quality components is important, and we'll help you make those decisions every step of the way. Learn more about our network system installations here.

Image of a panic alarm installed by Ainger Cabling and Security.

Commercial Security Systems

Small or large, our team has the expertise in commercial security systems that you need to reduce risk and protect your business. We specialize in a wide range of security products—alarms, surveillance cameras, monitoring panels, access control, and security systems especially designed for outdoor use and for monitoring remote areas.

Learn more about our security system installation services or our specialized outdoor security systems, including Videofied Outdoor MotionViewer.

Image of a commercial security system being installed.

Security System Installations

Our expert team of security system technicians and designers can help you select the right commercial security system for your needs. We use tried and true project management and operational processes to ensure that your system is properly installed, configured, and tested before the job is finished. We also provide training for your staff on system operation and basic troubleshooting.

Security System Components for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

  • Security Alarms
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Monitoring Panels for Fire Safety Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and IP Camera Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Biometric Identity Systems
  • Emergency Call Box Systems

Learn more about our security system installation services here.

An image of a pole-mounted security camera installed by Ainger Cabling and Security

Outdoor Security Products

The Greater Golden Horseshoe is defined by wide open spaces and great views. This makes the area perfect for recreation and relaxation—but a headache for security. Keeping intruders out becomes more difficult in remote areas where their just aren't many people around. The security challenges posed here aren't insurmountable, they just require a thoughtful focus on planning and deploying the appropriate outdoor security systems.

Our outdoor security products include:

  • Rugged Outdoor IP Cameras
  • Videofied Wireless Security Solutions

Learn more about our outdoor security products here.


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