Why wait when you can lease?

financingAinger Cabling + Security

  offers leasing on cabling and equipment installations

Would you like to replace or upgrade your current communications or security systems without putting a strain on your cash flow?  Ainger Cabling + Security now offers leasing for  all equipment and installations of cabling, phone & security systems.

Here are 7 reasons why you should lease your purchase:

1  Gain 100% financing with no down payment.  All hardware, software & cabling can be financed 100% with amortization choices to meet your needs.

2  Conserve valuable working capital to be used more effectively for other purposes.

3  Acquire ease of budgeting and inflation protection by using leasing as an alternative source of financing.  This allows you to acquire the equipment you need without limiting your ability to finance inventory or greater short-term needs.

4  Avoid obsolescence - Leasing allows you to use the equipment that you need over the term in which that equipment will be useful to you.  Leasing allows you all the benefits of ownership without the risk of being committed to obsolete technology.

5 Enjoy ease of acquisition - one stop shopping for both the equipment and the financing that best fits your budget and payment terms.

6  Get tax advantages - Due to accounting and tax treatment of leases, a lease may provide some tax-timing benefits to your business.  The savings would depend on the type of equipment, lease terms and your marginal tax bracket.  Generally lease payments can be treated as operating expenses and immediate deductibility.  Your accountant will be able to advise you on this.

7  Benefit from self-financing - Lease payments are often made with the revenues generated or savings realized through the utilization of the leased equipment.

For more information on our leasing program and rates contact us at 613-226-9937 or [email protected].